Forever Young

by Ruben Lopez Moreno
January 17, 1998

Looking at the pictures of Tucson's "E" Company Marines
Who gave their lives some forty-eight years ago in the Korean ravines,
We who look and remember them, from back then, have aged.
But forever young they remain.
For them, we can't turn the page.

Forever young
These our comrades-in-arms
Free from further harm

Forever young
These who paid with their lives
Gone from their families and wives

Forever young
In pictures we see their faces, free from worry
But only and forever in our memory

Forever Young
These who came to the end of their story
In God's words-knew a greater glory

Forever Young
We still Here hold in veneration
These twelve young men who paid the price for our nation.

And when we arrive at Heaven's Gate,
Will our comrades recognize us at plus 88
Or will they greet us in a voice serene,
"You kept our memory alive. You're welcome here,

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