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Sabino Canyon: Our Desert Oasis was first created in 1995 by Stuart and Louise Glogoff. It's appearance has been revised in 1997, 1999, 2001 and most recently in 2005. The latest version features a banner image designed by Andrew Bareham, a student assistant in the UA Learning Technologies Center.

Images to the color photographs used in the Sabino Canyon exhibit are from photos taken by Stuart Glogoff. Much of the content in the sections on Sabino Canyon's history was prepared by Louise Glogoff from the print resources cited on the Print Sources & Links page. The historical images (grayscale) are scans of photographs housed in the U A Library's Special Collections. Special Collections photos are indentified by the letters SPEC next to the images. The images in the three articles in the publications section are courtesy of the Old Pueblo Archaeology Center.

Copies of the color images may not be included in any commercial publications or websites without expressed written/email permission of Stuart Glogoff. For permission to purchase rights to photographs owned by the University of Arizona Library, please contact Special Collections. For more information on the Old Pueblo Archaeology Center articles and any images contained in those articles, contact the Center at (520) 798-1201.

You are welcome to retrieve and save these images for educational purposes. Please cite ownership information appropriately. In addition, you are welcome to link to this exhibit from other websites without requesting permission.

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