Cowboy Poetry

Since we began Cowby Songs and Singers, many cowboy poetry videos have been uploaded to YouTube. We recommend that you visit YouTube and search on "cowboy poetry," "cowboy poets," and "Western Folklife Center."



Visit Baxter Black's website for news, to see his appearance calendar, see his Proverbs, and much more. Not surprisingly, you can read about Baxter in Wikipedia and today being ten years since our Cowboy Poetry page was first developed, we have Baxter Black on YouTube. Here are a couple links: So Lucky to be an American and Just a Dog

Western Folklife Center

What is Cowboy Poetry? Who Is a Cowboy Poet? From the Bar-D Ranch website

White, John I., [compiled and commentary] D. J. O'Malley "Cowboy Poet"

Cowboy Songs, Stories, and Recitation Workshop
Recorded at the Tucson Meet Yourself cultural festival, October 13, 1984 TMY 1984/R-12 
Participants: Wildhorse Shorty, Bill Moore, Johnny Whelan, and Everett Brisendine

Once I Dreamed While I Was Sleeping, recited by Bill Moore MP3

Moccasin Mick of Scorpion Creek, recited by Bill Moore MP3

Old Cowboys Are A Breed, recited by Everett Brisendine  MP3

It Was In The Year '31, recited by Wildhorse Shorty  MP3

Way Up High In The Mogollon, introduced and recited by Bill Moore  MP3

I Walked By A Little County Courthouse Square, recited by Bill Moore. Original tape ended prematurely  MP3

Important older cowboy poets include: S. Omar Barker, Charles Badger Clark, Curley Fletcher, Gail I. Gardner, and Bruce Kiskaddon. All these men, now deceased, wrote poems that are still in many active reciting and singing repertoires. 

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