17th Annual Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering August 19 - 21, 2004 Prescott, Arizona

An Occupation and a Region: Cowboy and Western Folk Art From Southern Arizona Folk Arts -- features images on the topics of "Rawhide," "Brands," and "Western Boundary Art."

Arizona Folklore Preserve

The Bisbee Deportation of 1917 A collection of articles and primary source documents related to this important event in American labor history.

Cisco Houston, 1918-1961, by Mark Eastman

Cowboy Miner Productions A Phoenix-based publisher specializing in cowboy poetry.

Dolan Ellis: Arizona's Official Balladeer "Arizona has been uniquely blessed in the past 30 years or so by having Dolan Ellis as the Official State Balladeer. This multitalented guitarist, singer and songwriter has taken his role seriously producing hundreds of ballads that tell fascinating stories of the State's history with drama and humor."

Hispanic Tucson, by Gus Chavez, a History professor at Pima Community College. Provides a historical context to the Mexican-American section of the U of A Library's Through Our Parents' Eyes Web site.

Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives. The primary components present the Jewish pioneer experience.

New Perspectives on the West Web companion to the PBS program, The West.

The Singing Ronstadts and Canciones de Mi Padre "In January, 1946, the University of Arizona published its General Bulletin No. 10, a slim volume by Luisa Espinel entitled Canciones de mi Padre - "My Father's Songs." Ms. Espinel's father was Fred Ronstadt, and the songs she had learned, transcribed and published were some of the ones he had brought with him from Sonora. This little book, long out of print, is our baseline for information concerning what people were singing in Sonora in the mid-19th Century."

Southwestern Wonderland "This exhibition provides a selection of materials from the pamphlet and ephemera collection in the University of Arizona's Special Collections and illustrates how the Southwest was promoted as a region. It verbally and visually documents some of the ways the Southwest was popularized."

Western Folklife Center's Cowboy Poets on the Internet Features "voices of the West radio, and the many other programs of the Western Folklife Center. Located in Elko, Nevada, the Center is dedicated to presenting and preserving the contemporary traditions of the American West.

Western Music Association 

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