C. García Home Site #17


The original three rooms of this house were built in 1932 by early resident Juan Lujan, shortly after he and Simona Martínez were married. Both came from early Fuerteño families. José Juan Lujan, Juan's father, arrived in El Fuerte in 1924, while the Martínez family settled here in the late 1800's. In the mid-1950's, Juan's nephew, Cuauhtemoc García, and his wife, Felícitas, bought the house, moving their family up from Sonora where Cuauhtemoc had worked as a miner, a farmer and jack-of-all trades. Here he and his wife raised their twelve children. His parents, Proto and Felícitas P. García, lived just a few doors away, and there were cousins and other relatives up and down El Callejón.

One of Cuauhtemoc's many skills is that of carpenter. When he first moved to El Callejón, he helped the Bolsius family restore the Post Trader's Store and the Commissary. Following the deaths of his wife and his mother in 1995, Cuauhtemoc handcrafted fifteen pews which he presented to San Pedro Chapel in their honor. He also built the beautiful nicho in front of this house which now is home to la Virgen de Guadalupe which belonged to his mother.