Chemistry and Physics (PWA)

Old Physics and Chemistry building


This PWA project was designed by Roy Place and was completed on November 28, 1936, by contractor M.M. Sundt.

It is a three-story brick structure 87 by 160 feet. It cost $218,409.

In 1948, Place and Place designed a three-story L-shaped south wing. It cost $423,128. Contractor was Sundt.

In 1962, Place and Place were architects for a west wing, and in 1963, new laboratory equipment was installed at a total cost of $870,352.

  • Other alterations:
  • 1965. Alterations, $20,360. 1966. Alterations, $197,409.
  • 1968. Installation of research laboratories, $107,084. 1973. Renovations, $175,848.
  • 1979. Fire safety, $199,433.
  • 1983. Fire safety, $24,400.
  • At first the building was called the Chemistry-Physics Building.

From 1949 to 1960, it was called the Chemistry-Physics-Pharmacy Building. From 1961 through 1965/66 it was the Chemistry-Pharmacy Building, and in 1973, it was designated the "Old" Chemistry Building. It is located on the south street of the east mall, the second building east of the Robert L. Nugent structure, the Old Administration Building.

Chemistry and Physics (PWA). The "old" Chemistry Building
Chemistry and Physics (PWA). The "old" Chemistry Building


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