La Llorona

Have you ever heard the story of La Llorona? You haven't? Let me tell you about her. La Llorona was an Indian woman with a husband and two children - children by another man. She and her new husband were deeply in love. One day the husband said "I don't want kids." So the next day La Llorona took her kids to the river and drowned them. Years later a witch put a spell on her which said she would not rest in peace until she found her kids. So late at night, especially when it's raining, she walks up and down the river crying, looking for her kids. If you hear crying, don't try to be brave and go outside and see who it is. Because she may see you and mistake you for one of her kids. And you don't want La Llorona as your mother, do you? Do you?
(Gabriel Figueroa and Ricky Martinez, 6/26/97)