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This World Wide Web version of looking into the westside: untold stories of the people 1900-1997 was prepared by staff at the University of Arizona Library, October 15, 1997. It is hoped that by making looking into the westside available on the Internet, it will reach countless new audiences in Tucson, throughout the United States and Mexico, as well as around the world.

The project and stories brought forward are inspirational.

Sponsors: Tucson Pima Arts Council, Southwestern Mission Research Center, Raul Piña, Collins/ Piña Consulting Engineers, Inc., Graphic Systems, Print Expressions, ResourceNet International Paper and Graphics

Interviewees: Salomón Baldenegro, Jeanne Bone, Herminia Miranda Cordova, Barbara Elfbrandt, Tina Gardner, Helen Gonzales, Jim Griffith, Diana Hadley, Carlos Hernandez, José J. Ibarra, Lupe Jacquez, Beatriz Tellez Jimenez, Gilbert Jimenez, Alex Kimmelman, Elvira Carrillo Kunde, Jorge Lespron, Rudy Lira, Marty McCune, Margaret McKenna, Jennie Morales, Soledad Ortiz, John Pazos, Dr. Marion I. Roberts, Gustavo Rocha, Bob Rodriguez, Trinidad Rodriguez, Danny Romero, Bertha Sanchez, Tom Sheridan, Lydia Carranza Waer

Other helpers:Arizona Daily Star, Arizona National Guard, (Sal Polanco), Rose Byrne, Ana B. Chavez, Poli Corella , Dave Devine, Julieta Gonzalez, Linda Gregonis, Gayle Harrison Hartmann, Kimberly Kraft, Ries Lindley, Fred Macaninch, Matt Perri, Sandy Rathbun, Alberto Sanchez Dave Taylor Sharon Urban Channel 4 Channel 12 Channel 13

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