The Korean War, 1950-1953

K-1 Pusan-West Air Base
Pusan (Busan) Air Base 35°10'N, 129°8'E

from "Pusan (also written Busan) Air Base is located on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. The air base is located in the Suyong River Valley, 8 miles (15 km) northeast of the city of Pusan. During the Korean War, Pusan Air Base served as a hub for 2 associated facilities used as bases for USAF and USMC aircraft. These were Pusan West (K-1) and Pusan East (K-9) Air Bases. Pusan Air Base subsequently became primarily a Republic of Korea Air Force facility. K-1 was also renamed Kimhae (Gimhae) Air Base. Pusan East Air Base (K-9) became Pusan Air Base."



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