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When you run to your neighborhood pharmacy to fill a prescription it probably doesn't cross your mind what went into developing the modern drug store. They weren't always the centers of convenience and variety that we have today. Only through decades of development have we arrived at the drug store of today, filled with just about any item you require and many you weren't even aware of. The Osco of today, formerly known as Revco, grew out of the labor of many, but of particular interest are the contributions made by Tucson's own Martin family. Arriving in America from his native Ireland in 1851, George Martin, Sr. established himself as a pharmacist at Fort Yuma following the Civil War. There he married Delfina Redondo and they began a family. In the 1880's, George Martin, Sr. moved his drug store to Tucson within the walls of the presidio, though the walls were no longer needed for defense against the Apache.

The business development and growth continued throughout most of the twentieth century. George Martin, Sr.'s two sons, George Martin, Jr. and Andrew followed in their father's pharmacy business and Andrew helped to write the Charter for the City of Tucson. Armand Martin Ronstadt, son of Armand V. Ronstadt and great-grandson of George Martin, Sr., continued his association with the stores and various owners until his retirement in 1990. A. Martin Ronstadt details the development of the Martin family drug business in Dr. George Martin, Sr.: Pioneer Arizona and Tucson Druggist, Founder of the Martin Drug Company by A. Martin Ronstadt.

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