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• Roadside crosses in Sonora 
• 1857 Crabbe expedition's attack on Caborca
• Early impacts of Europeans on native populations 
• Legacy of European crops to the region's food
• Our Lady of Guadalupe roadside image
• Map of the Pimería Alta 
• Impact of Padre Kino on the people of the Pimería Alta
• Oquitoa cemetery on El Dio de los Muertos
• Padre Kino forever changed Pimería Alta

  Title Encounters: Our Columbus Legacy 
Airdate: 1992 
Writer/Host: Dr. James S. Griffith 
Special Guest: Danny Lopez, Tohono O'Odham Educator and his Young Dance Group 
Executive Producer: Hector Gonzalez 
Producer: Celeste Gonzalez 
Videographer: Martin Rubio 
Audio: Mike Vidal 
Senior: Editor Matthew Kennedy 
Electronic Graphic: Map Jacobo Ramirez 
Copyright KUAT - Arizona Board of Regents 
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