Don Alfonso Flovez Leyva's "Testamento": Holograph, Transcription, and Translation

Prepared by Larry Evers and Felipe S. Molina

What follows is a copy of the "Testamento" that Don Alfonso Florez Leyva prepared for us and dated January 1, 1989, along with a transcription, a translation, and notes on the text. Don Alfonso gave us another version of the "Testamento" in 1987. We include a comparison of the two versions as a note below. In addition, in the line notes to this text, we have included transcription and translation of the one paragraph and a few phrases that appeared in the 1987 copy, but not in the copy that we reproduce here. Finally, we also include in the line notes comments on the "Testamento" that Don Alfonso made in Yaqui as he was reading it for our tape recorder at Yoem Pueblo in May 1989.

Our transcription follows Don Alfonso's original as nearly as possible. In that sense, it is what is sometimes called a diplomatic edition. We have not corrected spellings, supplied word divisions, or added punctuation. Lineation in the English translation follows that in the original as nearly as possible. James S. Griffith gave our rough translation such a thorough review and improved the translation so dramatically that he should be recognized as a full partner in the translation we offer here. Charles Tatum also reviewed the translation. Herbert N. Schneidau generously identified the Biblical allusions which we supply in the line notes. Problems that remain are ours.













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