In May of 1998, the Tucson/Pima Arts Council chose eleven youth they thought would contribute the most to this book. These youth, our team, are of various high school ages and are from different neighborhoods-Barrio Anita, Elvira, A-Mountain, Sovaco, EI Presidio, Midvale, Hollywood and Mission West. We've worked six hours a day, five days a week, for seven weeks at Davis Bilingual Magnet School.

With our client, the Barrio Anita Neighborhood Association (BANA), we figured out that our main goals were to close the gap between the elders we were interviewing and ourselves, and to educate Tucson residents about Barrio Anita's history and ethnic diversity.

Based on these goals, we came up with our Big Idea. The Big Idea was to interview one Chinese American, one African American, and two Mexican Americans whose Barrio Anita roots went back to before 1930. We would interview these people about their life stories and neighborhood history. We would also have mini-sections on historical topics throughout the book called sidebars, and try to include Spanish.

When we went further into the project, our Big Idea transformed. After interviewing our target interviewees (Loy Low, Roxie Moore, Bertha Rico and Alfred Tellez), we had time for other interviews. After conducting these interviews, we found that our interviewees fell into a pattern: people who grew up in Anita before World War II and people who grew up here after World War II. Then we decided, as the "young" generation, that we also wanted to talk in the book about what we learned. All of this helped us come up with our title: Visions of Barrio Anita: looking through the eyes of different generations.

I hope you enjoy our publication.

Alicia Pérez
Editor-in-Chief July. 1998

This project was kindly sponsored by:

The Tucson Pima Arts Council's ArtWORKS Program. Funded by the City of Tucson, ArtWORKS In Neighborhoods is a summer youth job program in its sixth year. The program provides a collaborative work experience in the arts for high school and middle school youth and results in a product that benefits the neighborhood and increases cultural and artistic awareness in the community. Thanks, Annabelle Nuñez, for all your patience and hard work.

Davis Bilingual Magnet School and TUSD. Thank you for kindly letting us use the Davis computer lab-and Yolanda Alvarez!-for seven weeks. It makes a huge difference with these history projects when each youth team member has a computer. Thank you Rebecca Montaño and your committed assistant, Lina Gallardo, for transportation hook-ups, Power Mac contacts, inspiration, and Rain of Gold.

Barrio Anita Neighborhood Association. Thank you for your input, your contacts and your enthusiasm. Special thanks to Ramón Olivas for everything.


Aran Canally Photo Editor
Ferando R. Cortex - Map Editor
Jannell Davis - Public Relations Manager
Alex Heredia - Bilingual Specialist
Monique A. Lopez - Art Director
Oscar Madrid - Production Manager
Anjounette Martinez - Transcription Manager
Vanessa Medeiros - Senior Editor
Steve Molera - Senior Designer
Zobeida Orozco Project Manager
Alicia Pérez Editor-in-Chief
Regina Kelly - Writer/Mentor
Yolanda Alvarez - Computer Technician
Stephen Farley - Graphic Design

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