EI Loco Chu…

Walking The Streets Of Anita

by Steve Molera

EI Loco Chu…Walking The Streets Of Anita
There was a man named Jose Luis who residents, in Anita called "El Loco Chu." He used to walk the streets of Anita. He wore clothing which looked like rags sewn together. Kids were so frightened of him that they would run once they saw him. They say the reason for his appearance was because of the curse that was put upon him by God. It started one day when he got so angry at his mother that he was about to throw a stone at her. As he was about to throw the stone, his mother cursed him in the name of God. He looked at his hand and saw that the stone was attached to it. Some say El Loco Chu wore rags wrapped around his hand to hide the stone that was always there. His mother also cursed him and said he would eat trash, which he did until his death. Residents said that the rags he wore were attached to his skin when he was found dead.
Sources: Alfred Tellez interview, 6/16/98; Chris Campas interview 7/5/98.

The Mexican Hairless Dog ... Make A Wish
They say when you see a Mexican hairless dog--El Vichi--to hook your two pinky fingers and make a wish. If a Vichi gets too close to you, you will become sick.
Source: Alfred Tellez interview, 6/16/98.


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