Traditional Chinese lion dance performed by Gary Low's students on January 25, 2008, at the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center.

The Tapestry of Tucson: The Chinese American Heritage. 2004

Coordinators: Esther Tang, Community Leader and Activist and Constance Howard, Dean Emeritus Pima Community College.

Pima Community College Center for Learning Technology production crew: Sr. Producer/Director Gloria Moore, Producer/Director Conrad Mendez; Media Design Julie Hecimovich, Production Assistant Christina Marafino.The Tapestry of Tucson is a multicultural project designed to provide insight and appreciation into the cultural and historical influences that have helped shape the Old Pueblo, of which the Chinese Pioneers are an integral part. The Pioneer Descendants interviewed and who appear in the video, and who graciously shared with us their "real-life" stories and family photos: Anna Chan, Edward Chan, Dan Don, Dudley Gee, Rose Gee, Judge Harry Gin, Raymond Lee, Tony Lee, Raymond Lim, Mary Low, Esther Tang, Dr. Harrison for Soleng Tom, Ora Wong, Tiny Mae Wong.

KUAT's Sooyeon Lee's Art Scene segment on the Tucson Chinese Cultural CenterKUAT provides the MediaPlayer and QuickTime video formats.

Video of Esther Don Tang from the "Parenting: Past, Present and Future." 1979

This video is from the "Parenting: Past, Present and Future" Project of the Tucson Association for Childcare [now called Child and Family Resources]. It was created through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. "Parenting: Past, Present and Future" was produced and directed by J. David Betts. Karen MacDonald conducted the interviewer.

Video Clips of Esther Don Tang from a program entitled Chinese in Arizona aired by KUAT, September 19, 1996

Title: Chinese in Arizona
Airdate: September 19, 1996
Producer: Celeste Gonzalez
Videographer: Martin Rubio
Sound/Lighting: Robert Lindberg
Copyright: KUAT - Arizona Board of Regents

Esther Don Tang observes that she has enjoyed living in Tucson, in spite prejudice against Chinese people that she has experienced. 

Esther Don Tang recalls how, in 1940's, her parents put a down payment on a house in the Belmont subdivision, only to find obscene writing on it the next day. 

Esther Don Tang recalls a party she was invited to attend as child.

Esther Don Tang's son David speaks of how Tucson's Chinese community has persevered through prejudice. 

Esther Don Tang's speaks of the importance of realizing self-sufficiency. 

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