Del Corazón

Del Corazón: Mariachi & Folklorico Heritage in Tucson is a collaborative project between the University of Arizona and the Amphitheater High School. Students involved in the mariachi band and folklorico dance group will interview Mexican American community members on the importance of mariachi and folklorico to their culture and heritage. The students will then write essays about their experience and create transcripts from the interviews. Student essays and interviews will appear in printed booklets and on this website.


American Indian Film Gallery

An online collection of more than 450 historic films by and about Native peoples of the Americas, compiled and digitized by historian J. Fred MacDonald over many years. These films range in date from 1925-2010. Most date to the so-called Golden Age of educational filmmaking, from 1945 to the rise of consumer-grade video equipment in the 1970s.

Words & Places

Natives sitting on rock surfaceThrough a unique blend of imagery and sound, this website captures the complex oral traditions of Native American communities in the American Southwest. Songs are sung and stories told within the landscapes which inspired them. The tapes explore a world in which words and place possess symbolic and time-honored significance.

Arizona Illustrated Segments Featuring Dr. James "Big Jim" Griffith

Roadside Crosses