Research Materials : Videos

  1. 300 years of ranching

    Pima Community College's Community Education Series

    Diana Hadley: "300 Years of Ranching in Southern Arizona." Diana Hadley is Head of the Office of Ethnohistorical Research/Documentary Relations of the Southwest at the Arizona State Museum and a local rancher. November 7, 2008 Casey Dennis: "The Riggs Family and Its Involvement in Cattle… [read more]
  2. Screenshot of website

    American Indian Film Gallery

    An online collection of more than 450 historic films by and about Native peoples of the Americas, compiled and digitized by historian J. Fred MacDonald over many years. These films range in date from 1925-2010. Most date to the so-called Golden Age of educational filmmaking, from 1945 to the rise… [read more]
  3. Jim

    Arizona Illustrated Segments Featuring Dr. James "Big Jim" Griffith

    Roadside crosses in Sonora  1857 Crabb expedition's attack on Caborca Early impacts of Europeans on native populations  Legacy of European Crops Our Lady of Guadalupe Roadside Image View a map highlighting the Pimería Alta  Impact of Padre Kino on the people of the Pimería Alta … [read more]
  4. Barrio Anita

    Barrio Anita

      The Barrio Anita Neighborhood is a historic district in Tucson, Arizona. It is located west of Stone Avenue, east of Interstate 10, south of Drachman Street and north of St. Marys Road. [view map] The Neighborhood's major landmarks include the Oury Park Cultural Center and the Davis… [read more]
  5. John Bradley, guitar, and Sam Fenner, fiddle,  performing at the Grand Canyon

    Cowboy Songs and Singers

    John Bradley, guitar, and Sam Fenner, fiddle,  performing at the Grand CanyonCowboys have long been a part of the American imagination. Americans have drawn on the lifeways and legends surrounding the cowboy to create powerful images of the men who settled the frontier, braved rough and lonely land… [read more]
  6. a photo of girls and their instruments

    Del Corazón

    Del Corazón: Mariachi & Folklorico Heritage in Tucson is a collaborative project between the University of Arizona and the Amphitheater High School. Students involved in the mariachi band and folklorico dance group will interview Mexican American community members on the importance of mariachi… [read more]
  7. E-Company Remembered

    E-Company Marines Remembered

    Easy Company (E-Company), 13th Infantry Battalion, was the first Marine Corps Reserve unit from Tucson, Arizona, activated for the Korean Conflict in July of 1950. E-Company Marines Remembered is a tribute to the men who could not return from the battlefields from their comrades who did. The… [read more]
  8. Photo of Esteban

    In the Steps of Esteban

    Founded by homesteaders, cowboys, and soldiers, Tucson's African American community has a long and proud history that has contributed much to Tucson's rich heritage. These pioneers built neighborhoods, established churches and businesses, and fought to end discrimination and prejudice. Their… [read more]
  9. Music of the Southwest

    Music of the Southwest

    The Music of the Southwest Web site is a tribute to the many performers, volunteers, and organizers of the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival. It is dedicated especially to its founder, Dr. James S. (Big Jim) Griffith, without whom none of these unique resources would be available to us and the… [read more]
  10. Bucking bronco

    School on the Range: The Little Cowpuncher Roundup

    School on the Range: The Little Cowpuncher Roundup is an oral history project sponsored by the University of Arizona and the Arizona Humanities Council. Videos of interviews with former Little Cowpunchers may be viewed on the pages for the Arizona ranch schools listed to the left. Redington… [read more]
  11. Sanag Fiesta

    Southern Arizona Folk Arts/El Arte Folklórico del Sur de Arizona

    English Spanish Welcome Welcome to Southern Arizona Folk Arts. The content for this website was contributed by Dr. James S. Griffith, founder of the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival, and retired folklore professor and director of the University of Arizona's Southwest Center. The images presented… [read more]
  12. Peace

    The Promise of Gold Mountain

    Gung hei fat choi! Chinese New Year celebration began on February 10th. The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage is a tribute to the contributions of Chinese immigrants to Tucson, Arizona, and our region. From the immigrant railroad workers of the late 1800's to the civic… [read more]
  13. silko

    Words & Places

    Through a unique blend of imagery and sound, this website captures the complex oral traditions of Native American communities in the American Southwest. Songs are sung and stories told within the landscapes which inspired them. The tapes explore a world in which words and place possess symbolic and… [read more]